1. Escort

You find my looks and my personality very nice, our correspondence entertaining, but you are still not sure if you would like to go to the full lengths?

Then let us just meet for drinks , lunch or dinner ONLY and let it resemble a reunion of two high school sweethearts, who lost touch with each other ages ago

400 Euros + Cab Fare

2. Easy Girl

You find me attractive, but you don’t have enough time to play, hence you decide to have with me couple of drinks at the bar or in comfort of your hotel room and then proceed to more pleasant things?

700 Euros

“While money doesn’t buy love, it puts you in a great bargaining position.” - Christopher Marlowe
“While money doesn’t buy love, it puts you in a great bargaining position.” - Christopher Marlowe
“While money doesn’t buy love, it puts you in a great bargaining position.” - Christopher Marlowe

3. Just Your type of Girl

You find me erm.... irresistible , time is going way too fast, but you want to enjoy more of my dubious company?

850 Euros

4. Stay longer, my naughty Lady

Probably you are thinking:

2h -  Ha! Drop of water on a hot stone
3h -  hmmm, slightly better, but still not quite right
4h  - Bingo! The golden middle solution for the 1st time encounter!

1000 Euros (Berlin only)

5. (Nearly) Girlfriend

You want to feel proud to be seen with me, you want us to share laughter, stimulating conversations, flirtatious moments while sharing a meal followed by this proverbial special dessert later on? Great! So be it. Your wish is my command!

Dinner Date 5-6h
1200 Euros

6. I simply want more of her

You knew from the very start that Dinner Dates will never be enough. You would like falling asleep holding each other, than waking up together and while still a little bit sleepy, ordering our first coffees (definitely a double strength Cappuccino for me ;-)) followed by an unrushed breakfast...

Short overnight something around 12h
1700 Euros (Berlin Only)
1900 Euros (In other German Cities and abroad + travelling expenses)

7. Very Special Lady

We will have dinner together, may be even go for a romantic stroll through the city, we might even visit a musical together or go for any other cultural event of your liking . Or we can relax a few hours in a hotel SPA. And wake up at an ungodly hour of 11am or even at noon, have a late breakfast or brunch?

Long overnight 16h
2000 Euros (In other German and European Cities 2200+ travelling expenses)

8. Mistress material

We probably already met couple of times, or established a close contact via correspondence and have a mutual feeling that longer time spent in Berlin or another European city will be one beautiful experience, nourishing both for the heart and for the senses.

Why not? Lets explore it...

24h 2,500 Euros
48h 3,500 Euros
+ travelling expenses

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